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Submitted on
June 13, 2010


A bit in a hurry, so I'll just repost from the mailing list.  :P


Thanks to two newcomers, Joaquin and Levina, I've been the happy recipient of quite a healthy number of corrections to the English and Spanish scripts.  ^^

So as not to delay their deployment (given we're already in Act 2 development), I'm backporting them to Act 1 via a small maintenance release to 0.55a.

All downloads have now been updated to account for this version "0.551a" maintenance release:

Although given the small size of the update, those working with the source are best served using patches:……

And of course, we have our next batch of beautiful artwork uploaded to the Gallery!  :)

Special thanks to Haya-chan, Kurokugatte and newcomer Kuryuki for the wonderful contributions!  ^^

Now time for me to get back to storyboarding.  :)


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