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...And in fact I'll be taking the next few days off SO I can finish packing, as I don't want to leave this for the last minute.  Kinda scary to consider I only have a week-and-a-half left before I'm off to my new home... it's both exciting and scary for someone like me who doesn't always have to deal with such dramatic changes in livelihood.  But well, this change is definitely overdue.  >v>

In other news, SDC comic-making is still predictably slow, but that doesn't mean other awesome people aren't drawing them.  

Please check out the latest bit of awesomeness by :iconinurantchan:. who is encouraging donations for Sandy Relief as there are still many people here who need help.  So if you donate or have donated to this cause, please let him know...  :)

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Well... only three weeks left here in the NY tristate metropoltian area, before my big move to a new life.  Especially now that my house sale is really looking good, I'll have to double-up on efforts to finish packing... sorting out things I'll need, things I can sell and other things that I'll just have to throwaway, gift or donate.  Coupled with some upcoming work projects, and it's going to be a very hectic December.

That means my SDC schedule is going to be all out of whack for a while, and I may need to pad the month with two or more guest comics.  We'll see, but please excuse the temporary slowdown.  >v>

Well... back to sleep so i can get back to work, cause now everythings gonna be work (even rest)...

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Hehe, haven't done one of these in a while.  ^__^
There's some new SDC fanart up and coming, so I'll be showcasing them here as I did before.

First off is an MLP-style piece by one of my lovely followers, :iconfrenchifries: ...  this is more or less how they might look if they were cast in MLP:FiM (give or take some slightly longer legs).  People definitely seem to love that cowlick, I gotta up DD's conjuring ante to allow her even a remote shot at being competitive.  :D

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...Or unhappy one, depending on your POV.  ;)

Either way, it's days off, and I will spend it with family and such, so I'm taking a brief hiatus as per usual.  ^^
That means the grand finale for the Holy Tousle won't be out till next week, but we do have a new guest comic to fill the void till then, all thanks to the great and powerful Fadri... :)

Guest SDC - Thanks for the Turkey by C-quel
Ehhh... well at the request of some nice people, I finally opened up a Twitter account to... do... whatever... it... is... you... do... on... Twitter....

I dunno, maybe microblog...?

Certainly feels like Facebook, only smaller and not as irritating... but can we say "information overload"?  ^___^

Anyway, you can find me using @cquelpig or just hit me up here:

Well, I'll just let my super long description do all the talking... :)

DD Cel Painting - Comparisons by C-quel
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Hit this up for more details:…

Not much to look at now, but it's only the beginning...  I'm going to divert some attention into pursuing production cel-style paintings from now on!   ^.^

Oh, and happy MLP Season 3, everybody!  ^.^

Saving The Crystal Ponies... Through Heart Attacks by Beavernator
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I could watch this all day.... :D…

Thank you to the person who won the final bid, wish I knew who you were .  :3
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...And a bit chilly, but otherwise I made it through.  Please support those who did lose some power last night or had to put up with that crazy cold.  ^^

In other news, if you own an Android device, please check this out... :)
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Hey folks,

Well most of us have now gone through Sandy (though there are still plenty of people without homes or power), and sorry to say there is something big coming our way again.  In fact, its already snowing out my window.  ^^;

I certainly hope this doesn't cause more power loss, but if so I'll let everyone know with my silence.  I'll be adding a journal each day as long as I do have power, so no journal = no C-quel.  XD

[though some of you would see that as grounds for celebration, lol]   :P
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Well, it's election day here finally (yeah, in Narau, riiiiiight....).  :P

For those of you who can vote in this country's election, please remember to vote with your heart, and don't give in to media attempts to vote for you (because they can do so anyway).  

Here's a nice "informational" video if you want to know more:…
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Well, it's election day here finally (yeah, in Narau, riiiiiight....).  :P

For those of you who can vote in this country's election, please remember to vote with your heart, and don't give in to media attempts to vote for you (because they can do so anyway).  

Here's a nice "informational" video if you want to know more:…
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YAY!!!!  My Changeling Challenge prototypes sold for $200 at the EQLA charity auction to help Kiki  :D

Granted they were supposed to have sold them separately, but that's fine!  The fellow who bought them is going to have a blast with TWO Twilight Guns!  :)

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Hello everyone,

My area of the city got power this morning, so I've been working nonstop to get things back and order, batteries charged, ice remade, and neighbors (who don't yet have power) assisted.  Gas is still hard to find, but that's fine as we don't need it now that there's refrigeration.  ^^

No time to waste, though, as there is another major storm brewing (a nor'easter in fact) and so we have to act fast to resupply, rebuild our defenses, and secure ourselves against this new threat.  I also have many bones to pick with various service companies, but that will have to wait till another time. Although in the past week I have seen the best of people (neighbors helping each other cope with the devastation), I've also seen the worst too (service providers placing profit over people, and thus jeopardizing our safety and security).  That they manage to restore services to us doesn't excuse the fact that they're largely responsible for making this disaster worse than it could have been if people were allowed to be more self-sufficient.  ;(

In any event, that's pretty much it for general updates.

During the outage, I did manage to reconnect with my old hand-drawing skills, and frankly I feel like I have improved A LOT.  I don't hand-jitter anymore and I seem to have a better feel for angle and proportions now then I used to.  Plus I also experimented with a new drawing method I've been meaning to try out since forever, one I borrow from classical cel animation techniques.  More on that shortly when it gets posted.

Great to see everybody again.  ^^
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Hey hey, well I got hit pretty hard by Hurricane Sandy.  No flooding, but now 4 days without power.  However, things are looking up and today is the first day that cellphone service seems to have gotten back to normal.  Im typing this up from my phone, in fact.

So thats about all for now.  ^_^

In the meantime, please check out Fadri's latest gues SDC comic here:…

Sun-Dried Cherries - Comic Commission - 04 by Fadri

I am actually celebrating Dia de los Muertos today, as this year it is a very special one for me. ^^
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As most of you already know, I LOVE Changeling Challenge and certainly do my best to promote the concept to see if that can jumpstart some creative juices in entirely new and exciting directions.  ^^

However, it's still not lost on me that the characters are not my own, and although it does take some precautions to keep itself relatively safe from the copyright hammer, it still makes me feel wrong and dirty to even attempt that to begin with, not when I'm already awash with my own original ideas.  In a way that's kind of the reason why I don't really enjoy making MLP stuff that much (even simple fan works), whereas I totally dig anything related to Sun-Dried Cherries.  ^^

And so it was only inevitable that I would want to make a version of Changeling Challenge tailored to Sun-Dried Cherries, but thanks to some clever brainstorming tonight I may take it a step further still and make it pretty much a WHOLE NEW GAME!!!  ^v^

So within the next two weeks, be prepared for something cooler, cuter and travel-sized that will be 100% hand-made, and so extraordinarily affordable it will make Changeling Challenge all jelly!  :D

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My replacement e-cutter has arrived WAY sooner than expected (and with free shipping too!), so that makes me a happy camper!  :D

I'm now back in business, literally!  ^^

AND I can use it's packaging to ship the defective one back to Sizzix, to boot!  ^____^

*happy dance*
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Darnit, my electronic cutter -- which has become the de facto backbone of my entire Pigux Paper Plushies & Prints operation -- has decided to malfunction during a very critical period in time for me.  :(

Thankfully I have enough Changeling Challenge boxes to hold me over for a while, but this definitely couldn't have occurred at a worse time.  And of course I didn't buy a backup unit since I was presumably moving in November (it's now January that I'll be moving).  ^^

So yeah... this probably will have to go to the shop for a few days.

Thankfully, I already ordered that backup unit... it's too important to be without a spare... and if I have both of them working properly, then the Fun will be DOUBLED!  >v<
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Hey hey, another Sun-Dried Cherries comic got posted, please check it out!  You may have noticed a bit of a slowing down in publishing... that's due in dual-part because I've been taking care of several things as my move date gets closer + I've also been adding a little more detail to these comics as well.  I knew the latter would happen eventually, I'm a wannabe perfectionist at heart.  ^^;

In other news, thanks to all you lovely people who've purchased Changeling Challenge from my Etsy site, you're awesome!  If anyone else is interested, please check out the site listing:

Changeling Challenge A Pony Tabletop Game

...Or just note me.  ^^

In yet other news, I've having the incredible :iconfadri: work on another guest comic before the end of the month, as I will want to take some time off to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos.  So definitely look forward to it -- and in fact, I think each month I'll fund a guest comic like that for extra pizzazz (plus seriously... time off!).  :D

And lastly, many thanks to :iconnerdymind: for her offer to sell some of my Changeling Challenge sets and SDC merchandise at Equestria LA!  That will definitely be some welcome exposure, if all goes according to plan (it didn't quite go so at Canterlot Gardens)!  ;)

Look for some adorable postcards of :iconquila111:'s SDC chibis and chubbies there.  :)
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Yep, finally took the plunge and decided to open my own Etsy account.  ^^

It's the first start to my little web expansionism -- next is to actually overhaul my Pigux website, and finish that darn SunDriedCherries one.  ^^;

Note that I only have Changeling Challenge available for sale now, but over the next few days I'll add in all my SDC merch, as well as my MLP paper plushies. ^__^

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