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January 1, 2012
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BC - Dogburn Spaceport Crane by C-quel BC - Dogburn Spaceport Crane by C-quel
Part of my Bronycraft series of major works...


My first large-scale project, it was originally intended to be a co-op before my short-lived partner ran into some trouble with the authorities and stranded me. But no matter, I had enough will and orange wool to see this through to the end (or at least most of it). ^^

Before this area was a barren swamp land and before my Violet was turned into a flutter unicorn and could fly, I always wanted to go up to those spaceships hovering above the Dogburn entrance.

[don't ask why those silly dogs have a powerful space armada... it's something only Ponycraft refugees like my friend SOCR can best describe, lol] :D

But I didn't want to just build a smelly dirt stairs up to these things... no, those ships are things of beauty, and I wantd to be DAMN sure my entrance to them was proper and thematic.

So of course I would build a gantry crane! >v<

Originally I did this without approval of anyone... but the Dogburnites loved the crane so much (and how well it fit the theme), its now something of a fun landmark and now all the minor ships are parked around it. ^___^

They also seem interested in the idea of expanding the area to make it a proper spaceport... but for now, my little port crane fills the void. ^^

1 - Me, now enjoying the comfort of flutter wings, floating about 100 meters away from my crane and the nearest Dogburn battlecruiser., stationed for repairs and resupplies. ^^
The area in the bottom isn't finished yet (except for the service elevator to the top platform), but will eventually have more port elements such as container stacks. ^^

2 - Waited till night to take more pictures, since it looks really nice at night . ^3^

3 - view looking up from ground level. Did I mention I built this before I Vio got flutter wings? The vertigo was UNBEARABLE at times, but still I trekked along. ^___^

4 - A view from the top of the maintenance building, You can see some containers on the platform awaiting their turn to get loaded into the cruiser (including good and missiles, lol). There's also some service platforms leading up to the spreader control room and engineering rooms.

5 - We have a surprising number of pegasi working for the Dogburnites, so of course I would make them a nice Pegapad. ^___^

6 - View from the lateral unloading crane, bringing up some cobble onto the platform -- note the maintenance room and pegapad on the right. ^^

7 - View from inside the spreader control room, which controls the position of the master spreader crane. Note that this is not a super-realistic design -- RL spreaders are meant to haul containers UNDERNEATH, not above it. But this is a spaceport, so it's a lot cooler doing it... backwards, lol! >v<

8 - View of the lesser crane on top of the spreader, loading supplies on to the cruiser. This is positioned right on the side of the ship's roof, so from here any regular grounded pony can board the ship (just don't touch anything, there be BIG guns everywhere...). ^__^
GeneralDurandal Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012
requiem18th Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012
Nice, but I sort of prefer SMP servers. So much wool!!!
C-quel Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Actually, Freebuild IS an SMP server... although some things like firespread, creeper explosions and Enderman block removal is disabled to help keep things tidy. ^^
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